Aussie Gamblers’ Feedback and Reviews of Coinslotty Casino

Coinslotty is a trusted crypto casino brand where Australian gamblers can enjoy a wide variety of pokies, live games, and different table game variants. With hundreds of games from the world’s leading software providers, Coinslotty makes sure its players get the best excitement and fun from their casino experience. In addition, the casino offers a highly appealing interface for users on mobile, desktop and tablet devices.

At Coinslotty Casino, you can make deposits and withdraw earnings using multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Dogecoin. The casino also offers juicy bonuses which allow you to play games for free while earning real money. 

With all these interesting features, Coinslotty is fast becoming the favourite crypto casino of thousands of Aussie gamblers. In turn, these players often leave honest reviews of the casino through Coinslotty’s feedback mechanism. While reviews of Coinslotty may range from positive to negative ratings, the casino pays attention to every comment and works on them to deliver a more outstanding gambling experience.

Coinslotty publishes reviews from real players to help new gamblers make informed decisions about choosing the casino. You also get to know what to expect and how to get the best of Coinslotty casino. Read some of the honest feedback by real players below.

  1. OliverStoune says:

    I have been playing casino games for over 10 years now, even when cryptocurrency had not become mainstream. But when bitcoin came into the scene, I wanted to switch to a crypto-accepting casino. Unfortunately, many online gambling sites have been a little reluctant to allow deposits in bitcoin and other cryptos. I got introduced to Coinslotty recently and I can say that it is the best casino in terms of crypto payments. All its payment options are in cryptocurrencies and it saves me the stress of having to connect my private bank details to a casino.

  2. Lucas321 says:

    I want to be as objective as possible and that’s why I am rating this casino a little low. My major problem is that they portray themselves as a full crypto casino but they have only limited coins you can make deposits and withdraw in. One would expect that they increase the number of cryptos they accept, especially since they don’t accept fiat. Only about 7 payment options out of thousands of crypto that exist? The only way I’ll keep playing here is if the cryptos they accept move up to 10 or 15 for a start.

  3. Willow says:

    I registered with Coinslotty a few months ago and I’ve played there regularly ever since. I don’t think any other casino provides a better gambling interface than Coinslotty does. The user interface and experience are just too perfect. I never have problems navigating through both the mobile app and the website. And yes, I must commend that the mobile app is a highly innovative idea. These days, I use my phone more when playing pokies at Coinslotty. The graphics quality and colour contrast are also very appealing. I love what Coinslotty does in terms of complementing its gaming quality and payment methods.

  4. HarrisonG says:

    For a casino of this reputation, I am very surprised that they don’t have a special bonus dedicated to new players. There are just bits and pieces of promotional rewards but nothing tangible that would entice new players. Worse still, when I signed up, they made it compulsory for me to fill in private details before I could deposit or use any of the Monday bonus cashback. If the casino has nothing to hide, why can’t all players continue playing under their nicknames? Personally, I won’t be recommending this casino if you can’t deal with your info being out there.

  5. RyderFromHell says:

    My game buddy sent me a link to Coinslotty after he achieved VIP status and got a huge bonus at the casino. I registered hoping to fact-check and expose the casino as a sham. On the contrary, I’m totally in love with Coinslotty. The bonuses are real as long as you can fulfil all the requirements. I’ve gotten Monday cashback and Happy Hours Bonus since I joined. I also got free spins when I verified my phone. It almost feels like I am playing games for free. I have also used the awesome goodies available at the Bonus Shop. Absolutely everyone should join Coinslotty and enjoy these amazing benefits.

  6. AmeliaLens says:

    Coinslotty casino is quite disappointing despite the hype it has among many Aussies. One of the main problems with most casinos is that they don’t have enough games for you to try. Sadly, Coinslotty is no exception. I have browsed through the gaming catalogue and it is almost as if there are no new games there. The casino also puts up less exciting games simply because the games accept crypto. I think I would prefer it if the casino could add more games to its catalogue. That way, it would appeal more to a wide range of players.

  7. CallaGun says:

    As an online casino lover, I do not find the idea of having a single favourite casino as interesting. I always wanted to get the best of every gambling site within the reach of my internet connection. All this changed when I got introduced to Coinslotty. My first browse through the games catalogue left me awestruck. There were pokies, live games, table games, and even instant win games. Interestingly, the casino partners with over 90 casino gaming software providers. The games are also very thrilling with good RTP rates and excellent graphics.

  8. Ashtons says:

    My first experience with Coinslotty wasn’t a perfect one. I was unable to deposit when I registered. I couldn’t feel at ease because I was scared that the casino was just one of those sites that take your details and deny you access. I reached out to their customer support and they worked throughout the day to ensure that my connection was back up. Their response was swift and they communicated back with updates at regular intervals. They also have a live chat feature where you can speak to a representative without leaving the casino site. I’m rating them 100% for a job well done.

  9. CharlotteDewiite says:

    Land casinos used to appeal to me a lot. I hated those times when I couldn’t make trips to a physical casino. But now, the story is different! I don’t even visit land casinos anymore because I can get all I want at Coinslotty through the live casino feature. Coinslotty has a wonderful collection of live games like Baccarat, Blackjack and Roulette variants that I can gamble on with other players. The most amazing part is that I can play with my friends or join with random people within and outside Australia. Besides, the games are very rewarding and exciting. Don’t think I will trade this 5-star experience for anything.

  10. Milesinheaven says:

    Customer support could not solve my problem even after three days of constantly writing to them. I registered at Coinslotty and followed all the prompts from the casino website. My problem came when I made a deposit of 10 USDT to play games. I was informed that I won a bonus which I then used to wager on an Instant Win game. To my surprise, my account balance was 5 USDT. I immediately reached out to customer service who tried to deny that I was given a bonus. They did not return the bonus nor the 5 USDT and I’m about to leave the casino for good.

  11. Xavier_Bang says:

    If you wish to play in a secure and private online casino, then Coinslotty is your best bet. What most players don’t understand about privacy is that some details are still required. However, the casino will protect your info and keep you anonymous. That’s the benefit of playing at Coinslotty above all other casinos that I tried. The payment page is encrypted and safe from hackers. I’ve not experienced or heard of anyone losing their crypto wallet after making a transaction at the casino. I trust Coinslotty and I applaud the privacy I enjoy here.

  12. Penelope says:

    Fast withdrawals and Coinslotty casino should be synonyms! I’ve played at numerous casinos and this casino is the only one where I got my withdrawal processed in under one hour. Coinslotty puts a lot of work into ensuring customer satisfaction and it is a very prominent feature in their payment system. Unlike other casinos that accept only bitcoin, Coinslotty also allows altcoins. They score a 10/10 from my end.

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